Skiing in Kenya

We robbed Peter and Paul, and the piggy bank and scraped enough together to go away – to Kenya (exactly a year before the trouble).

It was a scramble to get ready, but what a trip. Why haven’t we gone there before?

The article is an expanded one from the Stroke Watch, with more pictures (in colour). Just the thing to pick you up after a terriblke winter

Read the article on the East Kent Strokes blog here.


About dw

I’m old. Well, I’m nearly 74. And I was half paralyzed by stroke in March 2005. So I sit around all day “Trying to find lots of things not to do”—as the song has it. I’ve spent a little time and money tracing the ancestors, and yes, I’ve got drunkards and prostitutes among them. So, it’s a fairly normal family really. see for the gruesome details. As the Irish comedian used to say “Let your God go with you”

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