When the Carer Gets Ill

All the articles that I have written for the Stroke Watch have been upbeat. Except this one. In this, I reveal some of the down side of an illness such as stroke. The strength and way in which your other half can be affected is – in its way – just as damaging as the stroke is.

Here, I talk of a few months during which my wife is ill. Having relied on her for all the domestic chores (and still relying if truth be told), I suddenly found myself forced into coping for us both. Have you noticed just how often people collapse several months after some tragic or major event? Well it was K.’s turn. We made a happy ending. But it needed a catalyst to shake us and provide the necessary jolt.

Read the article here.


About dw

I’m old. Well, I’m nearly 74. And I was half paralyzed by stroke in March 2005. So I sit around all day “Trying to find lots of things not to do”—as the song has it. I’ve spent a little time and money tracing the ancestors, and yes, I’ve got drunkards and prostitutes among them. So, it’s a fairly normal family really. see worsleytree.org for the gruesome details. As the Irish comedian used to say “Let your God go with you”

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