A Very important book!

A Stroke in the Family by Valerie Eaton Griffith

To help patients regain language after a stroke, Val Eaton Griffith, as part of a teaching team, developed exercises and games to stimulate the brain.
She famously aided Patricia Neal, the celebrated Academy award winning Hollywood actress and wife of author Roald Dahl make a recovery from a series of massive strokes. So successful and celebrated were her techniques that Val, using her real-life experiences with Patricia and others, was encouraged to produce this simple manual to aid friends and family of stroke patients everywhere. For her work, she was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list of 1977.

We discovered that this book – which has so much to offer every stroke patient – was out of print. We contected the author, and she agreed to let us bring the book into publication.

We are delighted by the response of local professionals when they discovered that we are reprinting this book.


About dw

I’m old. Well, I’m nearly 74. And I was half paralyzed by stroke in March 2005. So I sit around all day “Trying to find lots of things not to do”—as the song has it. I’ve spent a little time and money tracing the ancestors, and yes, I’ve got drunkards and prostitutes among them. So, it’s a fairly normal family really. see worsleytree.org for the gruesome details. As the Irish comedian used to say “Let your God go with you”

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