Lunch times at your locals:

Aim to arrive around 12:30. (early arrivals can bag the blue badge spaces if required). If its your first time and you can’t see us straight away then ask at the counter ‘for the stroke people’.

First Monday of the month at The Halfway House, Challock
10 Jun; 1 Jul; 5 Aug; 2 Sep

Second Tuesday of the month at The Red Lion, Hernhill, nr Whitstable
11 Jun; 9 Jul; 13 Aug; 10 Sep

Third Wednesday of the month at The Railway Hotel, Appledore
22 May; 19 Jun; 17 Jul; 21 Aug; 18 Sep

Third Thursday of the month at Fayreness, Kingsgate, Broadstairs CT10 3LG
23 May; 20 Jun; 18 Jul; 22 Aug; 29 Sep

First Thursdday of the month at The Duke of Cumberland, Bareham, Canterbury CT5 1AP.
31 May; 27 Jun; 25 Jul; 29 Aug; 26 Sep

Coffee Mornings

Thanington Resource Centre


4 thoughts on “Venues

  1. I work for the Stroke Association with people whose speach has been affected by stroke. I run a group in Canterbury on Monday afternoons. We would be very interested in joining you on Monday for lunch at Eastwell Manor. Please let us know when you will next be meeting and we will do our best to join you.

    Many thanks,

    Anne Vincent
    Communication Support Coordinator
    Canterbury and Swale

    1. We meet on the first Monday of every month at the Brasserie of Eastwell Manor.

      We will be delighted if you decide to come. Welcome.

      And yes, the next one is the bank holiday weekend. Whichg is good, because the venue has a live band on bank holidays.

  2. I wish to know the contact name, telephone no. of organiser of Fayerness meetings. The Kent Association for the Blind gave me a email
    no but I cannot obtain the details I need. Any help would be appreciated.

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