We publish a newsletter from time to time. (I try to make it quarterly Ed.)

It’s called Stroke Watch, and we send it to our members, some medical people, and to places that we have visited as a group.

We have uploaded pdf files of most as listed below. Take a look – they reach many who don’t have computers.

Stroke Watch 23

Stroke Watch 22

Stroke Watch 21

Stroke Watch 20

Stroke Watch 19

Stroke Watch 18

Stroke Watch 18

Stroke Watch 17

newsletter 16 2009 pdf 2.9MB  newsletter 16 (2) pdf 21MB High Definition file for printing.

newsletter 15 2009 pdf 0.7MB

newsletter-14 2009 pdf 1.5MB

newsletter-12 2008 pdf 0.7MB

newsletter-11 2008 pdf 0.7MB

newsletter-10 2008 pdf 1.1MB

newsletter-09 2007 pdf 0.9

newsletter-08 2007 pdf 1.5MB

newsletter-07 2007 pdf 1.MB

newsletter-6 2007 pdf 0.7MB

newsletter-5 2006 pdf 0.7MB


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